2010 Been Merry Merry Good to Me

Here we are at the beginning of the new year…thank God!  Better yet we survived another year and have actually seen an uptick in activity and maybe best of all attitudes seem to have shifted. Not really sure why that has happened nor do I really care, but the change is noticeable here at my company, with our clients past and present, and with the prospects we are chasing.

2010 was a good year for a number of reasons and I’m curious if any of these are true for you as well.  Please comment back. 

Reason #1- The fear of what was happening in our industry and that was felt all the way to my company diminished significantly for us here at my company as we found ourselves not living in the fear, but taking action.  Sounds really simple right?  Well, personally speaking, it was not until I realized fretting wasn’t going to make a difference.  I had to simply do all those things that I had learned and perfected over my 33 year career.  It was simple; I went back to communicating with people.   For this industry and our company, it means calling our current clients, thanking them for their biz, checking to see if there was anything we could do for them, and make sure they were being well taken care of by our activities and communication of those.  What I learned was communicating calms people; we all want to know we are being thought of.  I was also grateful to see our clients response to our well-being in return.  An awesome experience for all of us.

Reason # 2- Everyone in my company stepped up immensley.  I know that sounds like a general statement, so specifically everyone increased their communication internally. All subjects and concerns were addressed and discussed openly and truthfully.  The result was a bonding as a single entity to help each other get through difficult transactions, through words of encouragement, having fun with each other and focusing on actions to get to the next step or level.  The result: December was a big income month, maybe our best ever.

Reason # 3- Being action oriented is one thing, but having a well thought out plan for the actions has proved to be another difference maker.  We created 4 new business lines in 2010 and saw income production from 2 of those and this month will see the third line start to produce income.  So in the worst economic time in the industry’s history, we created new business lines. So how did we manage to do that?  Well the next reason answers that question.

Reason # 4- The overwhelming aspect of the crash impacted me so severely that I felt like there was no time to get everything done.  I’m one of those people who refuses to lose so I would outwork the problem!  Well 20 hour days can only go so far and then…well it’s no longer productive.  So my partners at Vistage convinced me to reorganize the company to reduce my time commitment to management so I could get back to the 2 things I’m very good at: business development and strategy (I wanted to use Strategery in the worst way here).  Previously, I was managing 14 people and now a more manageable 5.  We created leadership heads for our resource management,  industrial, office, retail, investment and property management/receivership business lines.  This has provided me the time reductions necessary to get back to my core strengths and provide the other leaders the opportunity to participate at a new level with their direction of the company.   

Reason # 5- We have all learned that living by the world’s standards is not the key to happiness or peace.  The world does not know or care quite frankly about our well being; only what we can provide it.  We are all about providing our clients a different experience through service of their needs first and foremost.  By taking care of them, we are also taken care of as well.

See you next month and I may have a guest blogger for you (and me).  Be well!


Our company helps business and property owners understand, create and maximize value in commercial real estate portfolios.

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