What Do We Know Now?

So what do we know 3 years into this downturn?  This is the month of forecasts!  I had the honor of sitting on a panel the end of january about 3 hours into hearing many of our respected colleagues prognosticate on our immediate future.

There are trends for sure and most of them are pointing up!  Yeah!  The hard part is trying to judge the angle of ascent compared to the GoGo 2000’s.

The fact is no one really knows what the angle of ascent will be.  So much is dependent on consumer confidence which is dependant on so many things including the commentary we see and hear everyday in the media.  How do we know for sure what is really going on in the world?  Who can we trust?  Is it people like me that are in the stream or flow everyday?  The experts?  Everyone is concerned, worried, uncertain, unsure, confused, dazed,untrusting and just don’t know.

Telling Isn’t it?  That’s what my take was from yesterday’s event.  That folks,  leads to the political environment and the absolute necessity to get involved.  In most industries and especially real estate politics has to be one of our main considerations.  There is a way to balance business with the environment by determining the “values” of a candidate.  It can  no longer be about pro business or pro environment it has to be about values and more importantly someone with strong Values based leadership skills.

Pay attention to the history and values of the candidate  and their views on those issues that reflect your values.  Simple right?  Trust and most importantly get involved and vote!  It will be the most important vote of your life.


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