Our Most Important Value…ables!

I have, for the past 20 years or so been a person who planned and set goals.  I’ve spent lots of time learning the in and outs, the techniques and read hundreds of articles in my effort to make more money!

Here is the shocker for some of you; Planning and goal setting don’t directly make you more money!  Being organized is always a good thing and I believe organization makes a recognizable difference to clients in the level of service in transactions.  The real estate process is generic however the nuances of deals can be dramatic and the good agents anticipate.  We are providers of information.  Our industry looks backwards for information to determine current value.  The must have is market information and again organization is critical.

But organization isn’t going to get you hired; it helps but that is not what people choose when they hire a broker.

Let me digress for a minute on why you should hire a broker.  First it is not required by law but lets examine what they can provide in a transaction.  We already mentioned market information; second; they have a fiduciary responsibility just like an attorney; which is a legal position to protect you in the transaction and provides the authority to sue the agent with a violation of the responsibility.  Third; they are experts in the process and fourth;  have the resources to understand any nuances and strategies that may occur or implement  to close the transaction.

There is no increase in the sale or lease price to working with a broker.  Commissions are factored in to every asking price on every property.  To those who wish to lease or sell  without a broker the seller and buyer believe they are saving the cost of the fee.  The reality is both want to save the same dollars; that’s impossible you both can’t save the same money.  A broker will at a minimum confirm your price is right because they have that information.

What people choose is trust; because without that the rest of the process as generic as it is; becomes confused and unnecessarily complicated.  Trust is a result of the values both parties possess and live.  The choice to hire is made because both parties recognize the values of the other.  Our values have the biggest impact on life, wealth, happiness and our long-term well-being!

I’m sure you have 2 questions: how did I discover this and how do I know for certain it is the values that matter the most?  Next time…until then I have a couple for you; think about the people you have hired.  Why them?  What are your values?


Our company helps business and property owners understand, create and maximize value in commercial real estate portfolios.

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