Whats all the hub bub?

It seems to me that every time I attend a conference I feel completely inadequate about some new “latest” social media marketing have to.  A couple weeks ago at a conference one of the key note speakers stated that 80% of consumers will do preliminary research for service providers on the internet and that if we DON’T have a presence we cant be considered.

Okay I get that and we believe and are active in the social media realm, but I feel like we are being made to feel badly so we can hire a service provider to make us better.  Writing this blog while a great deal of fun for me does take a commitment of time in the writing but also in the creative thinking, note taking and my poor typing skills.  I could NEVER pick the phone up again if I let my insecurity about this aspect of “presence” get the best of me.

You see I still believe a face to face or phone conversation is the most important first, best way to start and keep a relationship of any kind.  So that’s where I spend the bulk of my time yet I want the folks, who are unsure about what or who as it relates to my field of expertise, the ability to get a sense of me through this media format.  But how is a feeling of knowledge or trust conveyed in print?

The constant pressure to meet financial obligations, keep up to speed on the latest whatever’s and tending to clients new and old is a full plate for anyone.   My best to all of you struggling with the same thing.  Do your best and by all means let me know what you do.

Talk soon!




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2 comments on “Whats all the hub bub?
  1. John says:

    Dan – Thanks for taking the time to share your thougts. I find it unrealistic to expect others to interpret conjecture, emotion, passion, and trust in the written text. There’s nothing more impactful than hand shake and an eye-to-eye conversation.

  2. Michael Bonet says:

    Dan, keep the faith and dial for dollars!

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