When a Friend Leaves

Recently a young man left my company after 13 years.  He was (is) smart, attentive, thoughtful and a terrific communicator on top of knowing his market really well.  He asked all the right questions, never promised anything he couldn’t deliver and most importantly truthful. He was right out of college and knew nothing about the industry.  He has turned out to be a leading example of all the good things in an industry that is often   criticized for greed and self satisfaction.  Those do exist but not in him!

For me heartache, bitterness and self pity were my unfortunate first reactions. Being honest about my reaction opened my eyes to how I failed him.  My first reactions were all about me.  Here is a young man that gave me everything he had for 13 years.  I gave him everything I had yet at the most critical time in our relationship I went self serving.

The bigger picture I think for all of us just how fragile our integrity and beliefs can be confronted by difficulty.  Where do we go to get them back.  How do we prevent them from EVER being compromised?

We don’t!  We are all human and we will all make mistakes so apologizing instantly upon recognition is preferred but apologizing at some point is required.  Someone needs to be the example and repair the relationship because after all relationship is the most important thing.

The good news about this situation is it reminds me to be grateful for each and every relationship.  Thank you for ours!



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