Principles of Client Making

1. The broker is the real estate expert.  We don’t need to shy away from our knowledge therefore it is important to have our market and trend knowledge backed up with any collateral intelligence.  Prospects need to know that what we say is backed up by hard information.

2. We are creating a relationship not a transaction.  Seems simple enough right?  The focus must start and remain on the prospects goals.  They don’t have a goal?  You’re not asking the right questions.  Understanding their goals transforms the opportunity into a relationship.

3. Develop a vision for the function NOT the space.  You have been down this road so knowing the goals is step 1.  Creating the plan to achieve is what we do all day every day.  Once we are clear we understand the goals we know how to get them there.

4. Start with the basics.  Duh!  Simple short action steps that lead to verification of the understanding of the goals keeps the process on track.

5. You can’t do it alone.  A complete solution requires partners who contribute innovative ideas and support.  Remember you know what you know and as the saying goes; you don’t know what you don’t know.  Be open and transparent to input and feedback.

6. Deal with the naysayers.  There will always be people whether on your team or the clients team that believe they are smarter than you or that you don’t understand the full picture.  What that typically means is “we haven’t doer things that way before”, so its actually not about you!  Be professional EVERY time.

7. Learn to see by observing.  How many times has a deal started in a direction and ended up going in a completely different  direction?  Observing allows us to learn how a space or solution CAN be used.  Don’t be attached to your outcomes.  You might learn something along the way.

8. You are never finished.  The successful completion of a transaction is the beginning of the relationship.  Needs change daily, weekly, monthly so once we are trusted (through the completion) we need to check in often for adjustments, and follow up.


Our company helps business and property owners understand, create and maximize value in commercial real estate portfolios.

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