Lingo? Whats Too Much?

Like most industries ours is loaded with language that becomes slang after many years.   And like most industries the sales folks have a tendency to become so immersed in the day to day discussions with each other they don’t realize they are speaking to people (consumers) who aren’t doing this everyday.

I have the good fortune to have 24 fantastic people in our full service real estate company.  I went to a presentation last week generated by one of my top producers.  As usual he was well prepared, had put together the right team and asked all the right questions.  When we moved to the capabilities portion which is where we discuss real examples of our capabilities there was a shift in the language where the prospect was straining to understand the context of the message.

To some degree we all suffer from this disease and the client needs to determine if the vendor is well informed or “selling”.  In my view a broker who is over using lingo diverts attention from their market knowledge which is the key component someone in our industry must provide at the most basic level.

How many calls have you gotten from a guy from New York touting this or that stock as if we all know exactly what he is talking about and further talks to us as if he has spoken to us many times; when he hasn’t.  Im not sure where this type of selling started or morphed from but I can tell you I don’t like it one bit.  There is some arrogance infused in the lingo. I feel exactly the same way about my brothers and sisters who do the same thing as we have previously described.

We have a ” No Lingo” zone at our company and I get to be the one who “calls” people on their lingo.  News flash; an enhanced client experience can be easily had by dropping (all) the lingo.


Our company helps business and property owners understand, create and maximize value in commercial real estate portfolios.

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