Six Ways the Supply Chain is Changing Industrial Real Estate

Original Article Posted: May 26, 2016 by: Aswin Mannepalli,

At Cawley Chicago Real Estate we believe that keeping up with the industry trends is important to thriving in commercial real estate. Knowing how your company supply chain is effecting your needs helps us steer you in the best direction when looking for the “right” property.

This article by, Aswin Mannepalli, with Bisnow,  explores 6 trends currently happening in Industrial Commercial Real Estate.

  1. Sustainability 6-1-16Global:  “Driven by our increasing shift online for retail needs and the demands of global product flows, companies have been fundamentally transforming their supply chains…The modern supply chain is an international affair.”
  2. Big:  “Logistics facilities are getting bigger and offering multiple services for clients.”
  3. Consolidation:   “Operators are looking to merge several Class-B properties into a larger Class-A unit.”
  4. E-Commerce:  “E-fulfillment—the act of translating your buy click to a package at your doorstep—is a process that needs a particular set of requirements from real estate. Given the labor-intensive nature of the task, companies want facilities near a strong labor base, plenty of parking, proximity to customers and shipping channels.”
  5. Last-Mile Delivery:  “Infrastructure that can move product quickly and reliably to the customer, such as a high-capacity road network and well-maintained rail lines, are absolutely essential.”
  6. Sustainability:  Cool roofs and efficient lighting help reduce a warehouse energy footprint effectively reducing costs and making the warehouse a better neighbor.

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